.google is a brand top-level domain (TLD) used in the Domain Name System (DNS) of the Internet. Created in 2014, it is operated by Alphabet Inc., Google's parent company. It is notable as one of the first gTLDs associated with a specific brand. Plans exist to move other Alphabet products and domains to google.In addition, Google also owns the domain .goog (for sites such as partneradvantage.goog and pki.goog) and .gle (for shortened URLs such as goo.gle and forms.gle). Below is a list of websites operated by Google under the domain .google: about.google, a site showcasing Google products and corporate information ai.google, a site about Google AI blog.google, a news blog from Google businessmessages.google, a site about the Business Messages feature in Google Search and Google Maps chromeenterprise.google, a site about Google Chrome Enterprise covid19.google, which redirects to Google's webpage on COVID-19 Information and Insights crisisresponse.google, a site about Google Crisis Response design.google, a site providing information and news about Google Design diversity.google, a site about Google's approach to diversity and inclusion dns.google, a site that provides access to Google's public DNS domains.google, a site about Google Domains environment.google, which redirects to Google Sustainability families.google, a site about Google's tools for families gradient.google, which redirects to Google's Gradient Ventures website grow.google, a site about the Grow with Google campaign with tools from Google to grow small businesses and startups health.google, a site about Google Health hey.google, which redirects to the Google Assistant website io.google, which redirects to Google I/O's homepage lens.google, a site on Google Lens nextbillionusers.google, a site about Google's Next Billion Users initiative to build products for first time internet users nic.google, which redirects to the Google Registry okay.google, which redirects to the Google Assistant website opensource.google, a site about Google's open source projects protectingchildren.google, a site about how Google is fighting child sexual abuse online pixel.google, which redirects to Google's Pixel for Business website pride.google, a site promoting awareness about Pride parades across America quantumai.google, a site about Google's work on quantum artificial intelligence readalong.google, a site about Google's Read Along Android app registry.google, a site providing information and news about Google-owned domain endings research.google, a site showcasing Google's research work safety.google, a site dedicated to educating people on topics like data security, privacy controls and online protections sre.google, a site about Google's work on Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) stories.google, a site about Google's Web Stories feature sustainability.google, a site about Google's commitment to sustainable growth and the environment teachfromanywhere.google, a site for educators to reach tools whilst teaching from home created during the COVID-19 pandemic teachfromhome.google, which redirects to Google's Teach From Anywhere website trends.google, which redirects to Google Trends tv.google, a site about the new Google TV interface based on the Android TV operating system wellbeing.google, a site about digital wellbeing womenwill.google, a site about Google's Women Will program within the Grow with Google campaign 8888.google, which redirects to Google Public DNS

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